Are You Wondering If Gobies Eat Algae In Home Aquariums?

People often ask if gobies eat algae. Well, the first thing you need to understand is that there are tons of species of gobies out there, specifically around 2,000. The ones you’re going to see for sale at the store are likely to eat algae because that’s what the stores know sells for home aquariums. These fish can be different colors and different sizes, but you often see the dark colored gobies.

You’ll see them on the bottom of a tank and also sticking to objects and the sides of the aquarium. They’re not the prettiest looking fish, but who said they had to be? Diversity is necessary in a home aquarium, and these fish are fun to watch. Since they also eat algae, they can help to maintain your tank. Or, do you want to be responsible for cleaning the algae more often?

When I worked at a department store, I was often asked about the gobies. The question was about whether or not they eat algae because people have been told to ask that question. Why? Again, it’s because people know that some of the gobies don’t eat algae. While I said the ones sold in stores usually do, it’s still a good idea to ask.

You might also want to know how many of them you need. That is going to depend on the size of your tank. And of course you need to know about fish who will give the gobies grief to put it nicely. In other words, some fish don’t get along with one another. You don’t want your algae eaters getting eaten, right? How many gobies do you need for your tank? They are relatively inexpensive and can be found where most freshwater fish are sold for home aquariums.